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90% of Competition is Mental

Get Your Mind Right!

Most players and coaches are frustrated because, THEY LACK THE MENTAL SKILLS NEEDED TO PERFORM AT A HIGHER LEVEL.

Every day we talk to frustrated coaches who know something is missing.

  • Why do my athletes fall apart under pressure?
  • What causes them to lose to weaker opponents?
  • How do I help them bust slumps?
  • What can I do to build their mental toughness?
  • How do I help them stay focused and aggressive?

Despite being masters of the X’s and O’s—despite putting effort into coaching the fundamentals, improving strength and conditioning, even nutrition—they know their team could be more.

Coaches are frustrated to watch their teams struggle to get over the hump, struggle to win the BIG game, and can't get to the next level of performance.

... Frustrated in seeing their team put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get better, only to crack under the pressure when the lights come on and the game is on the line.

… Frustrated with athletes who won't buy into the culture they try to create and feeling like they’re always starting over, rather than building on the previous year’s success.

What’s missing ? All of the talent in the world, all of the hard work—none of that will make up for a lack of mental preparation and skill.

We can help.

That’s exactly what The Winning Edge Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Team Consulting is designed to do.

Introducing The Winning Edge

MPM Team Consulting

When teams begin implementing our proven system, their success is amplified—every single time.

If you are putting in the work physically, but you know your team is capable of greater success, your team is missing the edge - and mental performance training is the missing link.

MPM Team Consulting is an instant competitive advantage. We will work with your organization to customize a mental performance training program needed to help you consistently achieve your goals and take your team’s performance to the next level.

MPM Team Consulting is unlike any other consulting program in the world. This is not a one and done, in and out “collect a check and see you later” like a lot of the other consulting groups or speakers out there.

And no, this isn’t one of those 100% virtual kind of deals, either. Our consultation program is a combination of in-person meetings, text message communication, phone calls, and video conference calls.

That’s right—we come to YOUR campus and get down in the trenches face-to-face with you, your staff, and your athletes—and then we’ll continue to follow up so that you have the support needed to get real, measurable RESULTS.

Bottom line: We’re in your corner as a trusted friend and mentor who wants the best for you and your team. We will be your accountability partner and challenge you to stretch your comfort zone to perform at your best.


Take the First Step



Take the First Step


The Process

Getting Started

Once you’ve committed to MPM on board, you will be equipped to provide the best results based on your goals, preferences, and sport, you can rest assured that you will receive world-class coaching from an experienced professional.

To get the program started officially, you will have an introductory call for 60-90 minutes to identify your program needs.

From there, we will schedule a time to join you and your team on campus for two days. This can be a one-time in-person visit, or we can set up multiple meetings—it all depends on your goals and needs.

Before we ever start a session with your team or staff, I will do exhaustive homework and know every coach and athlete by name. We will also provide you with work to do beforehand to prepare so that when we get together in person, we can move with a sense of urgency that gets results FAST. Follow-up communication on a weekly basis will be maintained for the next 90-days to ensure you have the support needed to implement your mental performance training program. On our calls, we will check in on what we talked about in our previous session, review your goals, and evaluate your progress. From there we will strategize how to close the gap that week, helping your program become the best it can be. These weekly “check up from the neck up” sessions are a great opportunity to get your questions answered, troubleshoot any problems you’re experiencing with mental performance, and for us to provide unparalleled support and accountability. We will stay in contact throughout the duration of your season, routinely checking in via phone, text, email, and FaceTime with you, your staff, and team so that you feel connected to someone who can objectively offer impactful advice and someone who cares about your success as much as you do.  Think of working with us as having a “corner man” or mentor who will set you up with a custom mental performance training plan, so you know exactly what to do and when to meet your specific performance needs.